Battle Beaver Trade In Program

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Return and Revamp of the Battle Beaver Trade In Program

As part of an initiative to bring back a much requested and beloved service, we are offering all customers the opportunity to Trade In their customized controllers from our competitors in exchange for a stackable $50 USD Gift Card (1:1) towards new Battle Beaver purchases.

Yep, even the drifting controllers.



  1. Use the Trade In Form on our Trade In page to submit your information to be included with the controller(s). Once submitted, you will receive an emailed copy of your form. Each controller submitted will need its own Trade In Form.
  2. Package your Trade In controller(s) with a printed copy of your submitted Trade In Form(s).
  3. Ship your controller(s) to:

Battle Beaver

ATT: Trade-Ins

901 International Parkway

Suite 200

Richardson, TX 75081


4. Wait to be contacted concerning your trade in status. Our Support Team will reach out via email ( with confirmation once the inspection has been completed.

**Trades-ins are processed every Friday.**


Frequently Asked Questions

What condition will the controller(s) need to be in to be eligible for trade in?

All trade in controllers must meet the following requirements to qualify for trade in:

  • The controller must be an original 1st-Party controller modified by one of our competitors.
  • The controller must turn on with its own power source.
  • The controller must be able to connect to its respective Console and/or PC.
  • The controller can drift to qualify, provided that the thumbstick commands still register input in-game.
  • The controller inputs from competitor modifications do not need to function. (i.e. broken paddles, triggers are OK)
  • Controllers with attachments must be submitted with most of the the original parts (i.e. Microsoft Elite, DualSense Edge)


What is a qualifying competitor controller that can be traded in?

In addition to customizable controllers such as the Microsoft Elite, DualSense Edge, and Astro C40, we are accepting custom controllers made by our competitors that are modified original 1st-Party controllers (i.e., like any controller that comes included with a console).

Here are some examples of controllers that are eligible for trade in:

  • Microsoft Elite
  • DualSense Edge
  • Astro C40
  • Aim Controllers*
  • Cinch Gaming*
  • Scuf PS5 Reflex, XSX Instinct, PS4 Impact, PS4 Infinity4PS*

*These may still be subject to rejection after inspection if they do not meet the Controller Condition qualifications.

You are also welcome to trade in your old Battle Beaver controllers as well!


Can I send in multiple controllers to get more $50 Gift Cards?

Absolutely! You can send in as many qualifying controllers as you want and we will combine all earned funds into the Gift Card total.


What happens if my trade in controller is rejected?

You will receive an email notification about the recycling of your controller, along with the reasons why it did not meet the trade in qualifications. Controllers submitted for Trade In cannot be returned under any circumstances once they have been received by Battle Beaver.


What is NOT a qualifying competitor controller?

Here are some examples of controllers that would NOT be eligible for trade in:

  • Stock first-party controllers (e.g. stock Xbox controllers, stock PlayStation controllers)
  • All Nintendo controllers (with the exception of Nintendo GameCube controllers)
  • PowerA controllers (all are ineligible)
  • Scuf Vantage 1 & 2 controllers
  • Scuf Envision controllers
  • Valve Steam controllers
  • Razer Wolverine controllers (V1, V2, V2 Chrome, V2 Pro, etc.)
  • SteelSeries Stratus controllers (Stratus+, Nimbus+, Duo, etc.)


Can I submit a Battle Beaver controller for Trade In?

Yes, we do accept Battle Beaver controllers for trade in, however you will not receive a Gift Card for these trade ins. You will instead be given a discount code for $50 off an order. This discount code is not stackable with other discounts.

If you submit a Battle Beaver controllers along with a competitor controller, you will receive a Gift Card. 


What happens if I did not include any paperwork with my trade in controller?

Any controllers received without the required completed and accurate paperwork will not be eligible for trade in and will be recycled with no Gift Card issued. Controllers submitted for Trade cannot be returned under any circumstances once they have been received by Battle Beaver.


How can I tell if my controller is an original 1st Party controller?

If your controller is not mentioned anywhere in the answers above please reach out to our Support Team by submitting a ticket and we will assist you in determining if your controller is eligible for trade in. 


What if I have a question that isn't answer here?

Please reach out to our Support Team by submitting a ticket



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