Battle Beaver Modifications: Custom and/or One-Off's

Gigi R
Gigi R
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Q. Does Battle Beaver offer specialized "one-off" customizations for controllers?

A. In short, yes but also no. 


Q. What's the long answer?

A. In long, Battle Beaver can and has offered special modifications and one-off customizations to our customers, but each one is done on a case by case basis. Sometimes we say YES, and sometimes we say NO.

We get requests that range from using a specific image for a touchpad engraving to installing a second set of thumbsticks on the bottom of a controller for flight sim games. A lot are requests for modifications to make gaming with a disability more comfortable and accessible for the customer. 

Whenever asked, we always investigate with our senior technicians and research and development teams to see how feasible a specialized modification may be, especially in the cases of accessibility. The main factors that determine whether or not we approve a one-off modification come down to the following:

  • Can we do it with the people, parts, and tools we have in house?
  • Can we expect this modification to have a reasonable lifespan with regular use?
  • Can we remove and/or repair this modification if the need arises?
  • Can the modification perform well without disrupting the functionality of other aspects of the controller?
  • Can we ensure that this modification will not violate any laws, cross any lines, stomp any toes, break any hearts, etc.?
  • Can we provide the modification at a reasonable and fair price when taking into account the time, labor, and parts that will go in to its production?

Even if some of the answers to the questions above are "no," we may still be able to work with a customer to make the modification happen, but again, it is a case by case basis


Q. What things should you consider before submitting a request for a custom modification?

A. It will be non-refundable. Even if the modification does not end up working out like expected, or you do not end up liking it, you will not be able to receive a refund for the modification. You will of course still be able to return the controller, but the modification cost will be deducted from the total return amount and the controller will be subjected to Battle Beaver's standard Returns policy.


It may not be reversible. Even if you end up loving the rest of the controller and just want the custom modification removed, it may not be possible depending on the kind of modification done. 


It may be expensive. At Battle Beaver we strive to offer performance modifications at sustainable prices. The modification may not be doable in your budget. Special one-off modifications require significantly more labor and investment from our team which will be reflected in the cost of the custom modification.


There is no warranty for one-off modifications. We test every controller that goes out of our facility multiple times to ensure full functionality, and controllers with one-off modifications are put through additional testing to ensure functionality of the modification. But even then, there may be an issue with the controller you end up receiving. While we may make an exception to repair a one-off modification free of charge, it is not guaranteed.

If the controller has an eligible warranty issue unrelated to the one-off modification (i.e. drifting at default deadzone settings when you got a rear button in a special location) then you are welcome to get the controller repaired under warranty as normal.


It may not work forever and we may not be able to repair it. Nothing lasts forever and custom controllers are no different. If the modification wears down or becomes non-functional we cannot guarantee that we can repair or replace it, though we will try our best. 


Q. What are some specialized modifications that Battle Beaver WILL NOT do?

A. All of the following have been requested by customers in the past and have been denied for one reason or another.

  • No crude, lewd, or rude aesthetic customizations.  
  • No installing any faceplate/rear shell/trim piece/etc. that we do not have in stock already.
    • We understand that you may have a super cool custom faceplate, but if we can't replace it in the event that it gets damaged then we're not touching it.
  • No putting the internals of one controller into a different controller model's shell.
    • For example, we cannot put the hardware internals of a PS4 controller into a PS5 controller or vice versa.
  • No "JoyCon-ification."
  • No cheating mods (rapid fire, recoil control, aim assist, etc.).
  • No overclocking.


Q. What are common one-off modifications that Battle Beaver has done before?


  • Custom rear button placements.
    • While we try to accommodate most custom rear button placement requests, some positions may be impossible due to the organization of the controller's internals. 
  • More in-depth touchpad or case tag engravings.
    • If you have a specific font you want to use on your touchpad/case tag engraving we may be able to provide it.
    • When inquiring about these sorts of modifications we ask that you provide the file as an .SVG format and dimensions larger than 750px.


Q. Who do I contact about custom/one-off modifications?

A. You can reach out to our Support Team by submitting a ticket here! If you have any questions that aren't answered in this article our Support Team is happy to answer them.



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