How do I know which Rear Button placement is right for me?

Battle Beaver Send-In Team
Battle Beaver Send-In Team
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The benefit of using individual buttons as opposed to paddles is we are able to place buttons in a way that naturally fits with how you hold your controller. This creates some unique combinations, but how do you know which placement works best for you?


We have an assortment of diagrams for our various controllers with a detailed listing of each placement we have available:


DualSense (PS5)

DualSense Rear Button Diagram.jpg


DualShock4 (PS4)

PS4 Rear Button Diagram.jpg


Xbox Series X/S

Series X Rear Button Diagram.jpg

As our rear buttons are hand drilled, please be aware that there may be minor discrepancies in placements.


If you have any questions regarding placements or if there is a custom placement that you want to inquire about, please feel free to submit a support ticket and our Support team will be happy to assist! Some placements may need to be altered to avoid interfering with any internal supports and other components. We are unable to place rear buttons on faceplates, side caps, or along the seams of the shells.



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