Controller Rattling

Gigi R
Gigi R
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Sometimes you may receive a controller from us and notice a rattle when you shake the controller. This is most often because your controller has some form of our Smart button upgrades such as Smart Bumpers, Smart Triggers, Smart D-Buttons, or Smart Face Buttons.

While this may be alarming at first, please rest assured that it is completely normal for controllers that have these Smart modifications. 

Because the Smart Button Modifications that are installed in your controller sit on switches, they are higher and have slightly more wiggle room when compared to stock parts, which does allow them to rattle if you shake the controller.

In the case of Smart Bumpers and Smart Triggers, if they are too tight then it results in them being pre-loaded, which can cause them to actuate without pressing them down.
The best way to tell if the rattling is a coming from inside the controller is to hold down the buttons your controller that have the Smart modifications and then shake the controller. If you still hear a rattling, then there may be a component loose inside the controller, in which case you are welcome submit a RMA form for a warranty repair when the controller is within warranty or a send-in form when the controller is outside of warranty. 



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