New Year Update 2024

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Customer Support
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We've rung in the New Year 🎊 and are hunkering down for Winter ⛄, our busy Beavers are hard at work meeting the overwhelming demand we saw over the holidays. After receiving such strong support over the last few months, we were met with a welcomed surprise.


With the truly amazing and appreciated business from all of our supporters and fans over the last few years, we're levelling up! It is finally time to say goodbye to 1161 Executive Drive West and move into our new home.

We will be suspending all operations Monday, January 29th and moving haste to what will be our new home.

We will be using the last few days of January to complete the move and we hope to do so without disrupting our production too much.

Our new address is:

Battle Beaver
901 International Pkwy
Ste 200
Richardson, TX 75081

With a new office comes new possibilities, so stay tuned for exciting services we plan to offer later this year!



On our previous update, we broke down how our different production queues operate and how they are worked on from day to day. Currently, we are manually checking how our different production queues are moving along and have been updating the following page every weekday around 10am CT, so you can track how our queue is progressing from week to week.

Follow the link below for more information on where our production queue is:




Unfortunately for the time being, our expediting service Beaver Boost will remain off until after we have settled into our new building.

When we do bring our expediting service back, it will first be in limited quantities until a larger rollout can be sustained.

While Beaver Boost is off, we will be working on the incredible amount of orders received since the holiday season, and we are aiming to bring build times back down to pre-holiday estimates.

We hope to be able to turn boost back on in the next few weeks via its 'add-on' format, and hope to make Boost available on our Controller Designers before Spring.





We know 'Hall effect' is quite the buzzword these days and we'd like to officially state that we are actively examining and working with different suppliers on how best to construct, what we believe to be, the best available mechanism on the market. We have never been concerned with being the first to any particular modification, but we are known for being the best and that is the philosophy we are approaching the Hall effect mechanism with.

While we are evaluating the current and practical approaches to this technology, we are taking steps to ensure that we are not cutting corners and are able to present the best product possible.




We unfortunately have begun de-listing certain offerings of these thumbsticks from our store as they are being discontinued by the manufacturer.

We are currently working with our supplier to secure the continued manufacturing of these thumbsticks, however it is possible that we may not be able to offer Z-Sticks any longer.

As we learn more information about the situation we will be sure to update you.




And with that we'd like to once again recognize and give thanks to the wonderful gamers and supporters we've had the privilege of serving over the years, we truly could not have made it this far without you. 

We are planning on using our new space for some exciting new projects and can't wait to share them when the time is right. 

Stay safe out there <3



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