What is Beaver Boost?

Ivan Chau
Ivan Chau
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Beaver Boost is our expediting service that shortens the build time of your order to 2 - 3 business days (or 3 - 5 business days during the holidays). This service will 'boost' your order to the front of the production line, where it will be built much sooner than it would in our standard queue.

We offer Beaver Boost in a limited capacity on a first-come-first-serve basis so that customers have the opportunity to expedite their orders. Every customer has the same chance of purchasing Beaver Boost for the same price ($35 USD) when they go live every Monday-Friday @ 10 AM CST.

We use the funds from Beaver Boost purchases to give our technicians the option to work paid overtime and build controllers that wouldn't be built otherwise during the forty hour work week that we have at Battle Beaver. We limit the number of Boosts available so as to ensure that our technicians are still able to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Since Boosted orders are built only by technicians in overtime, they do not negatively impact the normal production queue.


If you are interested in purchasing Beaver Boost for your order, we recommend the following tips!

  • Use a wired internet connection on a computer.
  • Use a data connection on a mobile device.
  • Sign up for Shop Pay and use this express method when checking out. Or, use anther Express Pay option of your choice. 



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