What is the status of my order?

Ivan Chau
Ivan Chau
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Queue Status Page

Please visit this page to view the current status of our production queues, which updated every Monday - Friday at 10AM CST.



Order Status Checker

Please see here to look up what your order status is. Please note that if your order is still in the Order Confirmation phase, it is most likely still in our order queue. If your order has gone beyond the estimated build time, please check the email address used to place the order to see if we have reached out about an issue with your build! 

Once your order has moved past our confirmation phase, it will be entered into our queue until it is worked on. While each individual controller may not take long to build, each controller is tested and approved before being packaged for shipment.

Once a controller is ready to be shipped, a shipping label is printed and a shipping notification is sent to you with your tracking information!


Initial Queue Time Estimates

When placing an order for a custom controller through one of our controller builders there is a step (Build Time) at the end that specifies the estimated production time for your order, called the Estimated Build Time. These build time estimates are based on the volume of our order queue for all custom controllers (not just the type of controller you are building) and they are subject to change. We build controllers in the order in which we receive them from our customers.


The Life Cycle of a Custom Controller Order

While called a "build" time estimate, this approximation is more specifically an estimate for the time it will take a custom controller order to go through our order queue, be prepped for production, built, and submitted to final testing. The vast majority of an order's "life cycle" will be spent in our order queue. The time it takes to actually prepare a controller for production, build and customize the controller, and fully function test the controller is on average only 3 to 5 business days, but your controller must first wait its turn in the order queue. 


What can affect the estimated build time of your order?

On occasion, there may be an outside effect that alters the estimated build time for your order. These instances are fairly rare, but can happen, and may either decrease or lower the estimated amount of time for your order's production. 

Whenever an order's estimated build time is expected to be significantly affected, we will reach out to our customers to notify them and will offer solutions, if available. Below are some reasons that may affect the estimated build time of an order:

  • Global supply chain issues (ie. COVID-19 restrictions, parts shortages, etc.) may cause a delay.
  • Unpredictable events (ie. natural disasters, inclement weather, extensive infrastructure instability etc.).
  • Delayed response to Customer Support, if contacted, may cause a delay.




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