What do I do if my face buttons seem to be sluggish or not responding or acting erratically?

Ivan Chau
Ivan Chau
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The best suggestion to fix this is to completely restart your controller and console.

For your controller, unplug it from your console or take out the batteries to completely shut off your controller before turning it back on. Be sure to do this as you are restarting your console.


For PlayStation controllers, press the reset switch on the backside of the controller with a push pin or paper clip. The reset button will be inside a small circular hole on the back side of the controller.

For your console, unplug the power cable from the back of your console, wait 30 seconds, plug the power cable back into your console and restart your console. This is known as a cold reboot, or a power cycle.

This type of issue generally occurs when there are communication issues between the controller and console. If these issues are a result from potential damage to the controller, we can get the controller into our shop for repair. 



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