What are Smart Triggers / Bumpers?

Ivan Chau
Ivan Chau
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Quick Explanation

Our Smart Triggers and Smart Bumpers are what we believe to be the epitome of performance modifications for shooter games: removing the travel time necessary for the button to register an input. Instead of having to travel all the way down, all you'll hear is that satisfying 'click' the instant you decide to pull the trigger. 

For you Halo fans, our Smart Triggers register instantly at 100% so there's no need to worry about charging for that Noob Combo!

Common questions about smart bumpers and triggers:

  • The buttons seem really loose and rattle a fair amount when I shake the controller. Is this normal?
    • Yes! Because there is no longer a rubber contact pad underneath the button, the button will move a fair amount when the controller is shaken. Without the rubber contact pad underneath to dampen the noise as the plastic moves around and the switch is actuated the noise can be a bit surprising, but we can assure this perfectly normal for the Smart modifications. 
  • What controller models do you offer Smart Bumpers on?
    • We offer the Smart modification on PS5 and PS4 controllers.
    • The Xbox One S controller has the option for Upgraded Bumpers, which while not our Smart modification, significantly improves the overall feel and reliability of the bumpers. The Xbox Series X's controllers do not require this upgrade as the stock controllers already offer a similar feel and experience. 
  • What controller models do you offer Smart Triggers on?
    • We offer Smart triggers on our PS5, PS4, XB1, and XSX controllers!



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