What is your return policy regarding modifications applied through Send-In Services?

Ivan Chau
Ivan Chau
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By having your controller to be modified by Battle Beaver Customs via our send-in service or at an event, you are understanding and accepting of the associated risks.  We strive to resolve any and all issues before we ship your controller back to you however because we are working on a used product it is possible that the repairs and/or modifications that we perform may not permanently fix the issue you are experiencing. Battle Beaver LLC is not liable for any issues experienced subsequent of services requested and performed.


As a small business many things can happen that may delay production or build speed, by agreeing to these terms you are hereby accepting that we will fulfill your order when we are able to. We do our best to stay ahead of production schedules and we do not intend to hold onto your controller forever, we want to get it back into your hands just as much as you do. 


Should your controller need additional work you would need to pay any associated fees before your controller is shipped back to you, however this is handled on a case by case basis. We will of course repair any mistakes made by our team. 


If you've read this far, thank you for taking the time out of your day to understand how this process works. At BBC we're all just everyday people trying to make the world a little more bearable. As long as you're cool with us, we'll be cool with you. 



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