What is Thumbstick Tension?

Ivan Chau
Ivan Chau
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One of our patented modifications, we increase the force required to move the thumbstick by set amounts to assist in movement and aiming. The default thumbstick tension value (Stock Tension) of controllers are around 65 gram-Force (gF) of tension.

Available for both the Left and Right Thumbsticks of any Custom Controller that we offer, there are two different Tension modifications that we offer:

  • Increased Tension: around 110 gF - Nearly double that of Stock Tension, this tension value is very similar to the Original Xbox 360 controller and is our most popular tension request.

  • Heavy (Extreme) Tension: around 160 gF - A class of its own, our Heavy (Extreme) Tension is designed for use with taller thumbsticks or thumbstick extenders (KontrolFreek etc.). This class of tension will make the thumbstick click (L3) or (R3) more difficult to click, as the tension will be greater within the mechanism.

For users of the Microsoft Elite V2 controller, the Thumbstick Tension comparison is as follows:

  • Low- 57.8 gF
  • Med - 73.1 gF
  • High - 86.2 gF



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