What Are Pre-Built/Refurbished Controllers?

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So, you need a Beaver, and fast, but you don't want to compromise on style our performance modifications with one of our Quick Pick Controllers. What do you do? Luckily, we do still have options for you! With our Pre-Built and Refurbished Controllers, you can get your Beaver with both a short turnaround time and performance mods not offered on our Basic or Pro Pick! 


The sad reality is that not every Beaver makes it home. Things happen and orders have to be cancelled. But what happens to a controller that was cancelled after it was built, but before it could be sent out? That's where our Pre-Built controllers come in.

Each Pre-Built controller offered is a Beaver that was customized by a gamer like you and is completely built and ready to be shipped out. Once a Pre-Built is purchased, we give it another round of testing to make sure everything is in tip-top shape before sending it to its new home!


The gamers who have been with us for a while know that not every option is sold forever. Certain products get damaged, or even discontinued and we are forced to remove them from the website when we no longer have the inventory to support them. So what do we do with the spares? We take the ones that are in reasonable condition, as well as returned items, fix them up, and put them online for a discounted rate! These items may have light cosmetic issues or wear and tear, but they are fully tested to line up with the same functionality standards as our brand new controllers, so you can take them out for a spin!

How Do I Get One?

Our online store is updated with new Pre-Built and Refurbished Controllers every Friday at 12pm CST/CDT. Keep an eye on the controller model you're interested in, many of them sell very quickly!


DualSense (Pre-Built / Refurbished)

PS4 (Pre-Built / Refurbished)

Xbox Series X (Pre-Built / Refurbished)

Xbox One (Pre-Built / Refurbished)

GameCube (Pre-Built)


**All refurbished/pre-built controllers come with a 30-day warranty and the customizations are final. No additional changes will be made to pre-built or refurbished controllers.**



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