Do KontrolFreek™ Thumbstick Tops work on Battle Beaver controllers?

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Gigi R
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KontrolFreek™ Compatibility

While the KontrolFreek™ thumbstick toppers are not sold by Battle Beaver, we know many of our customers use these products to further elevate their performance. Below is a comprehensive chart of all of the thumbstick styles we offer and their compatibility with the different KontrolFreek™ thumbstick top products.


Compatibility Chart


*While it is possible to use KontrolFreek™ on Z-Sticks, it is not recommended. Should you decide to use them anyway, it is recommended you use the PS4 version of the KontrolFreek™. The fit will be tight, so take care not to press too hard as it may damage the thumbstick mechanism and will likely leave some grooves in the thumbpad.

*For Nintendo GameCube controllers, you will want to use the Xbox version of the thumbsticks. 


Update 5/31/23

Identifying newer and older KontrolFreek™ toppers:

  •  Old KontrolFreeks™
    • Will have 3 prongs to grip and a concave center, as seen in the image below.
      • old_kf.png
  •  New KontrolFreeks™
    • Will have 4 prongs and a convex cylinder in the center, as seen below.
      • new_kf.png
    • New model KFs will have an "X" or "P" on one of the prongs to denote whether they are "Xbox" or "PlayStation"
    • Current generation Xbox KFs fit Pro Sticks better than the older generation.
  • PlayStation KFs will not fit on Pro Sticks.
  • Both old and new KFs will fit on Z-Sticks, though we still do not advise using them as they can damage the thumbpad on the stick. 


KontrolFreek™ Listed Compatibility

You can use the link below to see what KontrolFreek™ recommends for each controller model.




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