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If you take a look around our website, you'll find that we sell a plethora of individual parts for those who wish to install them into their controller on their own. You may find upon receiving the part that there have been some adjustments made, such as clipped pieces or altered thumbstick skirts. These changes are made and tested in a Stock Controller before we ship out these parts to ensure that they work as intended. Below is a list of which parts we adjust, as well as what you can expect to receive!


Thumbsticks for Xbox Controllers

Should you place an order for a new thumbstick and select 'Xbox One S' or 'Xbox Series X' as your controller type, you will likely see that the thumbstick has been altered before being shipped out to you. Notably, the thumbstick skirt is sanded down to allow for the various types of thumbsticks to fit comfortably inside the Xbox controller. The edges of the skirt have a slightly rough texture, but that is by design.


Something else we do on our Z-Sticks and Domed thumbsticks is drill out the inside of the post. This is to help make sure that the slightly taller-than-usual thumbsticks fit comfortable on the Xbox board, as the mechanism heights on the left and right sticks are different.


Shim Tubing in Thumbsticks

You may find that some of your thumbsticks come with a small piece of blue shim tubing on the inside of them. This is to help compensate for the various heights that the thumbsticks come in, as well as the differences in heights that the main boards of certain controllers! We prep our thumbsticks as needed to make sure that they sit high enough to give you that tactile, satisfying click when you are gaming!

*Please note that these shims are put in as needed, and not all thumbsticks will have them. On Xbox controllers, it is possible that only one of the two thumbsticks will require the shim. If the you believe that your thumbstick should have shim inside and does not, please ensure that it is not in the package that you received, as it is possible to have fallen out in the shipping process.


GameCube Parts

When purchasing some of our loose GameCube parts, there are a few changes we make. For starters, all Z-Buttons have a piece on the side of the button removed. While this may seem unintuitive, we do this because the piece itself will not fit comfortably inside stock GameCube controllers otherwise. Other things of note are that we put some shim tube inside of our thumbsticks for height adjustment and sand our resin buttons down to match the height you select when you place your order.


Special Parts

The parts listed below are the parts that have something unique done to them before getting shipped out. If you order one of the following parts, here's what you can expect!

  • Domed Thumbsticks - The inside of the post is drilled to allow proper seating on the thumbstick mechanism, the post under the thumbstick skirt is also coned out to allow for better stick click feeling, and the thumbstick skirts themselves are sanded down to prevent contact with the main board.
  • Aluminum Thumbsticks - The post under the thumbstick skirt is coned out to allow for better stick click feeling.
  • D-Buttons - A piece of 3M tape is placed on the underside of the small dome included with your buttons to adhere to the midplate of the controller. Please note that DualSense PS5 controllers do not require this dome piece, so it may not be included with DualSense PS5 D-Button orders.
  • Rear Button Caps - These are prepped for Standard Rear Button Switches unless noted otherwise in the Order Notes. A piece of 3M tape is on the inside of each cap to adhere to the rear button switches.
  • Thumbstick Tension Mechanisms - The stick click switch itself is replaced with a new one that we have tested to provide crisper, more consistent input.

If you have any questions on our parts, feel free to reach out to our Customer Support Team by submitting a ticket.




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